Thursday, July 8, 2010

July birthstone - ruby

The ruby is a stone of nobility. The energy of the ruby is intense and vivid and encourages one to follow one's bliss. It strengthens both the physical and emotional heart.
Ruby brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. It instills stamina, vitality and strength. A good stone for removing blocked energies in the reproductive system, it re-energizes one after exhaustion and is good for balancing the blood's sugar. 
Ruby allows you to love your self and your spirit.
This is a stone that all those who are in service to others should have upon them. it helps you feel more like giving to others and doing so with love and joy in your heart. There is no room for resentment in ones heart who is being of service to others and this stone does not allow that to be a part of your heart. it helps you relax as you caretake others because you can trust you will not be trapped in any way in that role. it helps all to be warm and caring. 

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